Friday, January 25, 2013

How to bleed a radiator

Do you radiators feel cold?

With all the fantastic weather we have been receiving as of late, I'm betting that the majority of us folk have had the heating turned. Besides the cost of energy, are you actually getting the full potential from your radiator? If your radiator feels like its lacking a bit in the heat department the most likely solution is the radiator simply needs a good old bleeding! And these fine plumbers in Newcastle are going to show you how.

Cold at the top and warm at the bottom? 

If your radiator feels cold at the top and warmer at the bottom this is a tell tale sign of trapped air within the radiator cavity which prevents a normal flow of water and causes the dampening of heat. but don't worry this doesn't usually mean calling a plumber out! (But if you are looking for a plumber in newcastle or a plumber in Gateshead and the rest of the the north Tyneside area be sure to give us a call) you can fix this little issue yourself with a simple little tool you may already have lying about in your toolbox. A radiator key! 

If you don't have one at lying around you can easily pick up a radiator key for under £1 from any hardware store. The good thing is radiator keys are universal so you don't need a special type or size as one size will fit all. The key fits snugly into the radiator value located at the top side of your radiator and a few turns of the key will result in releasing that trapped air and getting some heat back into that radiator. So lets get to it? First things first, there are a few safety precautions we must take before going a head with the bleeding (as always, but it's better to be safe than sorry isn't it? 

Turn of your central heating

This is the most important one, as turning off the central heating will prevent any further air from entering the radiator ensuring we get all the trapped air out.

I've got the key

Depending on the types, models and makes of the radiator the bleed valve (which is where we will be inserting the key) varies in location but the most common place is on the sides usually towards the top. It may or may not have a small red handle. Place the key on the valve but don't turn it just yet!

Flooding alert 

I'm just kidding. But when you turn the key and the valve opens there will be a slight amount of water  which sprays out the valve due to the pressure, this is completely normal and there is no risk of damaging your radiator or causing a leak during this process. Simply have a paper towel, and old rag or something to catch the spray of water. Because the water inside a radiator may contain some chemicals which discolours the water and could potentially stain any wallpaper etc ensure you hold the towel or whatever you use in as close to a 360 degree fashion as possible. 

The fun bit

Once you've located the bleed valve insert the key and turn in an anti clockwise fashion fe really about a quarter to half a turn of the valve. At this point you should hear a hissing sound of the air escaping and there will be a mist of water (ensure you have your paper towel, or rag at hand) wait until the hissing sound stops and the water begins to dribble then turn the key back to its original position. That's it all done! Simply turn back on your central heating and providing you have followed these steps the radiator should be working now to its full capacity!

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