Saturday, February 16, 2013

Plumbing Tips Newcastle - Keeping your drains and pipes clear..

At last we have a slight break in the weather, albeit not the biggest break but at least the snow has disappeared! (but for how long?)

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After the holiday season I always see a big increase in blocked drains and pipes. It's amazing how many people can easily overlook the simplest of tips to avoid these problems, so I thought I'd throw a few quick tips out there. These are pretty straight forward so you likely know them already - but there's no harm in a friendly reminder.

Keeping your pipes clear

The main thing to avoid is putting any food down the sink as this can cause a blockage, same runs true for pouring thick liquids such as grease or fat.

Have you ever left a pan for a few hours after making a fry up then had a nightmare trying to clean it afterwards? Well this is the number one reason for internal pipe blockages in the kitchen. If your pan can look that clogged up after only a few hours imagine what piles upon piles of it will be doing to your plumbing work!

Regular use of cleaning agents

Kitchen sinks, bathroom and washbasins should be regularly cleared with some kind of cleaning solution which you can source from your local supermarket.

Remember the winter is still here so please have a look at our other tips on keeping your pipes frost free and saving yourself a fortune on central heating repairs!

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